International horticulture, vegetable growing, and vine fair.
Fair-Conference event with more than 500 participants.


Present Agro Belgrade fair in the best light through the showing of the horticulture, vegetable growing, and vine fair in this part of Europe.


Redesign the current visual representation and website that will be recognized as a vegetable growing and horticulture event as well as to promote the event online.

Visual identity:

Minimalist and modern / Transparent / Vivid

We wanted to be visible at first look at the place of the event - horticulture, vegetable growing, and viticulture with a focus on Serbia. The chosen minimalistic symbols represent raspberry and pepper, very important products of Serbian horticulture and vegetable growing as well as grapes - viticulture!

Web design:

We carried over the new visual identity to the website. Modeled after some of the biggest world horticulture and vegetable growing fairs and after a careful selection of photos, we made it so the user-friendly environment of the website looks juicy and fruity.

Web development:

An important segment of developing the website was the contact form which made it straightforward and directed right at the address of the organization for the events when applying for the event with all the needed information.

Promo development:

The event could not happen without a special design of the promo material! From billboards to banners, to fruity mugs, notebooks, pencils and tote bags.

Social networks:

Organizing for the event, and planning the event presenters and speakers for the conference portion of the three-day event could all be seen on the social network as well. The visuals were specially prepared to match the visual identity, as well as the domain of the presenters that were announced.


We were also present to document the event in photography through the three days of events which were then posted on the website and other social networks. Special attention was paid to the fair's opening which was attended by domestic and foreign presenters.

The event:

During the event itself, our charge was to showcase the vibe/atmosphere and happenings as they took place in real-time!

A comment from the event organizer:

Argo Begrade was a complex but inspirational project, though its realization we have learned a lot about the trends and the potential of domestic viticulture and vegetable growing. Blueberries are our favorite fruit!