Promote the Berry Business Forum as a place to find everything you will need to know about the growing industry of fresh berry fruits.


Create the whole visual identity, create and develop the website, as well as promote the event.

Visual identity: Minimalist Business Harmony.

The logo and the whole visual identity needed to be matched to the visual identity of the Parent even (Agro Belgrade) so as to make a clear connection between the two events. From the parent logo, we took the raspberry symbol - the most prosperous and promising Serbian berry fruit - to which a business note was added through the use of fonts.

Web design:

We were guided by minimalism and functionality when it came to web design. We decided that the website should be in berry fruit colors (blueberry and raspberry), so as to correlate with the topic of the event at first glance.

Web development:

As the event had an online application form it was important for the website to have an adequate contact form that would connect to the right event organization group depending if applications are being sent by manufacturers, processors, distributors or just berry lovers!

Promo material:

Fitting the business and the fruity visual identity of the event we have chosen and developed the design for the event's promo material - from banners to pencils!

Social networks and online event promotion:

The event also had an adequate advertisement campaign on social networks that included both promoting and familiarizing all those interested in the berry fruit industry with the new event as well as collecting conference applications.
Aside from social networks, the promotion also included Google advertisements, and to the great joy of the event originators and ourselves, the conference room setting was booked solid within 24 hours.


In the end, the end needed to be documented in photos! We particularly enjoyed the second day of the event - visiting Kosmaj and the world-famous berry fruit manufacturers plantation. Our assignment was to capture the delight of the foreign official in the technology behind the manufacture of blueberries and raspberries in Serbia!