Zanat - Digital2

artisan bakery

Minimalistic, elegant, stimulates the senses!


To have a baker present his culinary goods of exemplary quality which honor the traditionally domestic as well as international baking craftsmanship.


To create a website design, pictures and copy? that communicates the primary values of the client, and develop a functioning website with interesting dynamics that are also easy to use.


Modern and minimalistic
Elegant and exclusive
Stimulates the senses

Web design:

Having in mind the client's graphic standards we have come up with an elegant minimalistic website design predominantly in black and white that will accentuate the pictures of the goods.

Web development:

After careful consideration, most visible components were assembled and fitted into the main body bringing about their creation, the website.

A 'Contact us' form was also added that will allow the client to receive questions and orders.


In order to showcase the quality and the aesthetic of the product/goods adequately, with well-thought-out art direction, which matches the modern food photography trend, we have displayed a series of photos on theme with the elegance of the website. One of the priorities was that the photos invoke all the senses of the viewers as if the goods in question are sitting at their own table!


The client's wish was to have the copy that showcases the values that run through their work. Traditionally homemade/domestic and international - artisanal. It was decided to keep the Cyrillic alphabet in the logo as a way of connecting to the Serbian tradition while telling the story of why the bakery was opened.

The international side of the bakery was portrayed in the "About us" section, as well as through a selection of signature goods for this client that are a part of the international tradition of artisanal bakeries.


With a black and white theme of modern, edible pictures of baking goods, copy that paints the picture of artisanal baking art, we just needed something, in addition, to bring the website to life.

We found the answer in the custom illustration - an abstract display of the bakery Zanat! Furthermore, a subtle animation of the breads made it come to life.


Social networks:

Finally, it was necessary to sync up the client's all other communication channels with the new website.

It was decided to use the pictures from creating the website in other online social media capacity as well.

The idea was to create a gallery filled with artistic pictures of authentic baked goods matching the current Instagram social trends. Through campaigning and adequate community management, we have managed to promote the new changes and the website itself.